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Westrex 3D Stereo Cutter Head

Scully 601 Cutting Lathe

Optical vacuum tube compressor

Lathe cut records are manually embossed with a hot sapphire styli, Using a Scully lathe. All recording is done "Straight Through" with no EQ, unless it's absolutely necessary. The only thing I will add to your music is a little compression to maintain uniform levels for disc recording. Great for short runs, if you need something quick.

There is never a set-up fee

Price includes a “flat” cut,
Transferring  of the supplied audio files with no changes.

Please Note:

Attending in person 

lathe cutting sessions not available...

De-essing is any technique intended to reduce or eliminate the excessive prominence of sibilant consonants, such as "s", "z" and "sh", in the vocal track, I will not fix this for you. This causes problems in disc recording.

Lathe cut records are manually embossed with a hot sapphire stylus, using a Scully lathe. We are currently are the only producers of the hot embossing styli, available exclusively through Michael Dixon at www.lathecuts.com, our styli improves HIGH FREQUENCY response, unlike the usual tungsten-steel needles used for embossing polycarbonate  records, which sound dull.

Hammond vacuum tube cutting amp

Equipment we are using for embossing polycarbonate records

The back of a DVD recorded at 45 rpm to test the quality of the embossing system. Play back on a Luxman PD 272 direct drive turntable with a Stanton 681 standard cartridge.

This will allow you to judge the sound quality. Imagine embossing on a larger diameter disc, the high frequency response is amazing even on this 5 inch disc.

Custom made jukebox large hole 45 and small hole records embossed on clear polycarbonate plastic.

Our custom made embossing sapphire styli made here exclusively for our use .

While embossed polycarbonate is not a substitute for lacquer cutting, audio levels are  typically - 4 db lower than a pressed vinyl record, this is the characteristic of embossing. A very small  amount of surface noise may be noticed. Embossing does not play back in stereo  and may not track properly on some turntables !

12" LP albums may not be available due to the probability of failure of side B.

We do not provide custom jackets.

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12"           $60.00 - 15:00 minutes.

7"             $22.00 -   4:00  minutes. Square or Round.

5" Test cut  $3.00 -  2:30  minutes single side - Free ship

       Flat rate shipping - 7" $8.00 - 12" $12.00

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