If your embossed record skips while playing it in your jukebox, there may problem in the tonearm, use DW40 on the tonearm pivots and joints, this could help.

Lathe Cut Records ::: Embossed Lathe Cuts

Lathe cuts are embossed with our hot recording sapphire stylus, using a record cutting lathe. Our styli improves audio and are the best sounding lathe cuts anywhere.

The grooves on a lathe cut phonograph record is embossed, not cut, they are not as deep. This does not affect audio or the sound quality, a turntable with a damaged or worn out playback stylus will tend to skate, and will not track properly.

Occasionally your stylus will land between the grooves, resulting in a strange, distorted playback. In this case, simply lift the tone arm, and drop it again in a slightly different position, or just gently nudge the stylus. You will hear the needle pop into the groove, and the audio will  clear up.

The audio on a lathe cut record is recorded in mono, stereo will not emboss properly, it is about 4 to 6db quieter, and you will have to turn up the volume a bit. If recorded at a louder volume your turntable's needle will jump out of the groove and it will skip. There is a bit more noise than a normal LP, pops and crackles may be noticeable, even when your record is brand new.

Unlike dubplate lacquers, embossed lathe cuts can't be BACK-TRACKED or DJ-SCRATCHED as in HIPHOP music, this is the characteristics of an embossed record, no matter who makes them.  Our lathe cut records will not wear out any faster then a pressed lathe cut vinyl record. We are currently the only producers of the embossing sapphire recording stylus. Our styli improves HIGH FREQUENCY response.

Lathe cuts
Scully is a lacquer master - acetate record cutting service along with providing custom short run embossed polycarbonate lathe cut records, and reference dubplates. The grooves are embossed on polycarbonate plastic. Each disc recorded in real time by hand. For limited runs of 20 copies or less. Embossed CD Lathe Cuts that Plays On Both CD players & Turntables

12" 10" 7"  5" inch Records Large And Small Hole

Large hole 45 and small hole records embossed  on clear polycarbonate plastic.



Short Run Lathe Cut Records

I make my own custom sapphire recording styli made especially for embossing polycarbonate  records.

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Equipment we are using for embossing lathe cuts

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Polycarbonate Embossed Phonograph Records Made With A Hot Recording Sapphire Stylus

The grooves are embossed on polycarbonate plastic. Each disc is recorded in real time by hand. For limited runs of 20. Attending recording sessions in person, not available 

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"Lathe Cut Records ::: Embossed Lathe Cuts"