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Our custom made embossing sapphire styli made here exclusively for our use


7" $22.00 -   4:00  minutes. Flat rate shipping - $6.00

5" Test cut  $3.00 -  2:30  minutes single side - Free ship

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Large hole 45 and small hole records embossed  clear polycarbonate plastic lathe cuts.

Hammond Vacuum Tube Cutting Amp

Best way to reach me  917-580-0052 Text or Voice
Email is reserved for audio delivery  you will not get a reply ::: Embossed Polycarbonate Lathe Cuts

Scully 601 Cutting Lathe


Equipment we are using for embossing lathe cuts

Optical Vacuum Tube Compressor
Westrex 3D Stereo cutter Head
Sapphire Stylus
HAECO AD-2 Control center

Recorded at 45 rpm to test the quality of the embossing system. Play back on a  Rock-ola 461 and  NSM 120 Consule Jukebox

"This will allow you to judge for your self the sound quality" 


How are polycarbonate embossed records made?

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Lathe cuts are manually embossed with a hot sapphire stylus, using a record cutting lathe. Our hot stylus improves audio, using a tungsten needle for embossing polycarbonate records will sound dull.

The grooves on a lathe cut record is embossed, not cut, they are not as deep. This does not affect audio quality, a turntable with a damaged or worn out stylus will tend to skate, and will not track properly.

Occasionally your stylus will land between the grooves, resulting in a strange, distorted playback. In this case, simply lift the tone arm, and drop it again in a slightly different position, or just gently nudge the stylus. You will hear the needle pop into the groove, and the audio will  clear up.

The audio on a lathe cut record is in MONO, it is about 4 to 6db quieter, and you will have to turn up the volume. There is more noise than a normal LP, pops and crackles will be noticeable, even when your record is brand new. Unlike dub plates, lacquers, and many lathe cuts, our lathe cut records will not wear out any faster then a pressed vinyl record. We are currently the only producers of the hot embossing styli. Our styli improves HIGH FREQUENCY response,

 Great for short runs, and custom vinyl records, fast turnaround, usually two days, no minimum, allow one week for delivery.
There Is Never A Setup Fee 

Mini 45 and 7 inch Disc ::: Embossed Polycarbonate Lathe CutsLathe cut Records Embossed Polycarbonate Vinyl Pressing Lathecuts Audio Mastering Lacquer Masters